Future Confident

To navigate the future with confidence, businesses need to make the right choices: 

Clear, timely and inspirational choices.

Choices that deliver growth in a dynamic and disrupted world.

We work with you to transform your business, driving bold ideas and pragmatic solutions.

The problem we solve

Most business owners are very confident in the day-to- day management of their business and dealing with customer service and sales. Business owners confidence is generally lower in financial management and business planning. This issue is holding back many businesses once they have become established from fulfilling their potential.

By becoming our clients trusted business advisor we work with them to understand their business goals and manage their business more strategically. Our clients are both in the UK and overseas and our role is  to establish how they can grow and scale and adapt and maximise their potential.

Our experience in steering business success

 Paul Greenwood and Ian Squires have over 65 years of business development, sales and marketing experience across the logistics, brewing, construction and creative industries. Through our successes and the challenges, we believe high quality planning is the key to achieving great results. We have a shared passion for working with ambitious business owners to achieve their personal and business goals through business modelling and planning

Our main purpose is to work with you to create a high quality plan to build business confidence, providing clarity for the business future and identifying areas for business improvement to grow the business.

Working one to one or with teams the aim is  improve your business through strategic planning, profit improvement and cash flow improvement. We also work on improving business value for businesses as well as shaping up businesses for sale.

The starting point is to identify where you are now and your desired state to improve your current business model. The next stage is to focus on the products and services you sell and how that impacts on your profitability, equity growth and cash.

Once a solid base has been created and clear goals have been established the next phase is to create an enhanced business model and build a high performance business.

You will have access to proven systems, strategies and processes to support your business. You will have the benefit of having a  business advisor who can explore  business improvement strategies  for your business.

The dashboard is then developed and key performance measures are put in place to put the plan into action and to track progress on a monthly basis. We ensure the performance measures track all of the key areas of your business and not just the financial measure.



Business Programmes

We work with our clients at 3 main stages of their business development. On all 3 programmes we carry out an in depth review with you to identify your current issues and challenges so we all have a common understanding of our starting point. With all programmes our goal is to give you a clear way forward and a plan you have belief in that we will work together with you to implement.


This programme is aimed at new businesses with investment available or businesses have have commenced trading and now need support to scale and grow their business.

We start by stress testing your idea to see if there is a viable business model. We test, research and adapt your proposition and build a financial model to prove it is going to generate the income for you and provide value for your clients.

We maximise the chances of success by rigorously reviewing your plan and setting clear milestones and targets to track progress and mitigate risk.


This programme is aimed at businesses that now have systems and processes in place and a team and we can then accelerate the business turnover.

The challenge is how to delegate and focus on the activity that will keep the business growing.

We carry out a strategic review as the business matures. We work with our clients to identify what is the best route to follow. This includes expanding into new markets, products and services.


This programme is aimed at businesses that have achieved their original goals but are now market leaders and are facing increasing competition.

The bar has been raised and growth will slow. We will work with you to identify the next steps for the business.
This may include expanding, sell,
acquire or merge.

Business Strategy and Innovation

Our consultancy services are wide ranging, but often follow a similar theme – our clients need an external set of eyes and lateral thoughts to bring ideas and projects to fruition

We’re experts in aligning sales, marketing, and operations, while aligning new products ideas, ‘go to market’ strategies, and successful online campaigns.

We add value by delivering ideas that continue to build revenue and grow your business.

Business Immigration Services

 Our aim is to make the process for overseas entrepreneurs who wish to invest into UK business as seamless as possible. We aim to maximise the entrepreneurs chances of success of receiving approval of their application by following the following steps.

We will carry out a full audit of potential applicants and see if they meet the requirements of the UK Government. We will then identify the appropriate scheme for the candidate and identify the right immigration solicitor to work with you. We will then work with you to identify the right business to invest in and produce a business plan to show how it will work.

We can also carry out a full relocation service and work with our clients to implement their business plan and appoint the right team of employees and consultants and contractors to maximise the chance of success.

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Why work with us

We become part of your team and give you a sounding board and advisor who has experience of overcoming the challenges growing businesses face.

Achieve results faster

Understand what can get in the way and slow your progress. By working together you achieve your goals faster.

Keep you on track

We work together on your business and implement your plan and track your progress.

Shared success

We work with a number of successful businesses and we can introduce you to potential partners or suppliers or share other ways of doing business.

Business resources

We have access to thousands of business strategies, great business modelling and pricing tools and team building expertise.
We can select the right tools for your business to create results.


We know how to grow revenue, improve profits, build cash flow and increase the value of your business.

Guaranteed results

We are determined to provide our clients with a great service and we guarantee that with our long term clients that we will provide more value than our services cost or we will work for free.