This period is presenting unprecedented pressure on business leaders whether it is coping with their business being told to cease trading short-term, significant falls in sales or significant growth. We believe there are some key actions for business leaders to consider.

1. Create a clear transition journey for your company

This is a key period to communicate with your team as everyone is being impacted by the effect of the pandemic. We would recommend the following actions:

  • Share your vision with all company meetings online. Share the challenges and the opportunities and endeavour to show the route map as best as you see at this current time. You will find people will rally around the business when they know the role they can play.
  • Regular updates by video keep the team up to date
  • Support the team through investing in learning to help the team through the change with many good online programmes available as well as management coaching and training.

2. Business leaders – Walk the virtual floor

Many businesses are currently closed or online only, so it is harder to gain feedback directly from the team and clients. 

We would recommend you consider the following actions:

  • Make your briefings two-way and ask for questions and search them out
  • Make time for informal conversations and check-in.
  • Conduct team surveys online

3. Track progress

  • It is vital to continue best practice and still devote the necessary time to complete reviews with teams and individuals
  • Share results and progress
  • Use trusted colleagues and mentors to give you feedback and support through these times.

4. Celebrate success and fun

Look for members of the team or teams that are performing well and for positive business results or early-stage outputs from new projects to encourage and nurture success.

How we can help business leaders

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