Some businesses can move at pace and have produced great results while some others have struggled to adapt. I have seen many small businesses change strategy and markets within days with positive results. So how do you improve your business performance in these unprecedented and unusual times?

Make a start

Here are 5 questions to ask yourself if you are struggling to improve your business performance during Covid-19:

  1. Is your business agile? Rate yourself on whether your organisation can be nimble, flexible and fast
  2. Has your business delegated decision-making and empowerment? Old school command and control is inhibiting change and team engagement. Why work on new ideas or show enthusiasm if you are just going to hit a brick wall.
  3. Does your business operate in silo’s? In the current position business need to create high performing teams based on organising themselves around customer sectors, channels or markets. Silos inhibit change and cross functional teams have a clearer purpose and skills.
  4. Is your team all heading in the same direction? Have you set a clear vision for the future and explained the purpose of the change and the benefits it will bring the business, clients and the team.
  5. Have you got core processes in place in the business to improve performance? The best businesses have cross functional teams working together for their clients. They can empower them as the retain strong processes that keep the team together such as common business planning and business reporting and review processes. In addition, they have a focus on their team through employee recruitment, talent development and employee engagement plans.

How we can help

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