Getting team commitment when managing change

Change is something that is not top of the list of enjoyable tasks for many people and there are many reasons that people give for putting off change.

Current reasons I have heard have been “the team are working remotely and how am I supposed to forecast the future?”

As a leader we recommend the following factors to give impetus and gain the teams commitment to making the necessary changes.

1. Explain the benefits

Clearly explain the reason why managing change is important and the benefits it will bring to your teams.

2. Clarity

Set clear goals, allocate responsibility and a timetable/plan for the programme or projects.

3. Project support

The top tier must commit time and effort.

No caving in to other pressures as determination is key to see managed change through and to support your teams.

4. Test ideas, products and services

Pilot all change projects and test all new products and ideas before going live.

5. Empower your teams

Empowering your teams will increase commitment. Aim to maximise the use of technology and ensure there is rapid decision-making and learning during the whole process.

6. Support your team

Focus on increasing communication during this period of managing change. Give priority to supporting individuals and teams. Be open and prepared to become a sounding board who can offer practical support and useful resources.

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