Curiosity – Thinking outside the box

Some of the greatest innovations of our time are the result of someone being curious enough to keep asking questions and to go beyond their current knowledge or area of expertise to address a problem.

Do you encourage your team to seek new and fresh perspectives and ideas?

Are you a real model for your team and probe for further information and ask open questions?

Are you looking to learn and share new ideas or models or great articles or strategies?

I believe that you nurture greater curiosity by encouraging the following activities.

  1. Encourage and explore new ideas.

2. Be Curious – Ask great questions

3. Desire to improve – (What can we learn from other companies within and outside our industry?)

4. Introduce new talent and contacts into your business and bring in creative thinkers.

5. Train your team on techniques to foster a new way of thinking and different methods of problem solving, encourage them to be curious too!

6. Search out and encourage new initiatives and people and teams who are going out of their comfort zone and share good new stories.

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Useful Resource

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