Collaboration is a crucial area to embrace for your business to build a successful innovative company.

It is important within your business and the best results I’ve seen are when I have had the same approach with customers, suppliers and other key business partners.

You need to create an environment where people are comfortable collaborating, sharing their ideas and knowledge. For this to succeed all members of your company should seek open and honest feedback and listen and act on it.

The following techniques and approaches will help you to get collaboration going:

  1. Look outside your industry for new ideas for possible solutions or ideas.
  2. Encourage debate – Is your business a safe space for build to hold diverse opinions.
  3. Build or create multi-disciplinary teams to review specific issues or problems to get a fresh view on problems and opportunities.
  4. Break down silo’s and boost learning and development skills in key areas such as problem solving and idea generation and performance improvement.

We’d love to hear your ideas or discussion on what you have in place within your organisations to help collaboration and innovation happen.

How we can help you

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Useful Resource

Speaking of collaboration, we would like to invite you to join a (Private – invite only) Group.  You will get free access to the group with regular posts and content that can be shared by members and you can receive feedback on your own posts and ideas, in a safe and nurturing environment. Great market research!

  • Share idea with like-minded people
  • Facilitate access to innovation tools and technique tips
  • Share stories and expertise in a welcoming environment

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We also have a Facebook Group as we found innovators were evenly split between LinkedIn and Facebook, partly driven by how they market to their client base. You would be very welcome to join that Group also: