Linking Mindset With Innovation

I’ve been trying to share the link between mindset and innovation as it’s very important. According to research by Deloitte, 84% of leaders see innovation at the core of their growth strategy, however, understanding innovation and unlocking it tends not to be a strength.

I want to share another key mindset characteristic – Humble Leadership.  Research from Harvard University found that humble leadership leads to greater innovation, employees feel more included and it creates more positive team behaviours.

Why Does Humble Leadership Work?

It shows that we can all benefit from the input and expertise of others at all levels in an organisation. People can challenge assumptions, work together on challenges and shape new ways of thinking.

I highly recommend that you read Matthew Syed’s great book called Growth Mindset. He identifies four main ways to develop and demonstrate humility that I believe we can measure ourselves against.

Ask yourself these four questions and if you are brave; ask your team if you ‘actually’ demonstrate these behaviours!

  1. Self-awareness: As a leader do you have the desire to be seen as the smartest or are you open to challenge and new ideas?
  2. Showing vulnerability: Do you share what you’ve learned from what’s gone wrong in the past, as well as sharing your successes?
  3. Request ideas, input and feedback from others: Are you open to input from a range of people at all levels? Do you seek out and act upon feedback?
  4. Acknowledge others’ efforts: Do you go out of your way to recognise people’s new ideas and insights and communicate shared achievements?

I firmly believe humility makes you a stronger and more effective leader with a great team behind you that you can trust and rely upon. Would you agree?

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