Generate New and Innovative Ideas

All too often problems are addressed by the same management team, and although the team may be close knit, they are not always the best members of the business to generate new and innovative ideas.

Here are 5 tips to address these challenges:

1. Create project teams with a diverse mix across experience and areas of your business.

2. Very important – Always include people from different job functions

3. Encourage team to seek expert advise from outside of your business or from customers or suppliers.

4. Ensure teams have a balance of youth and experience to generate differences in perspective.

5. Ensure that project leaders encourage debate and alternative viewpoints.

Follow these 5 pointers and you will be well on your way to generating new and innovate ideas to grow your existing products or services or new business venture!

How We Can Help You

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Useful Resource – Come & Join Us

Speaking of feedback, we would like to invite you to join a (Private – invite only) Group.  You will get free access to the group with regular posts and content that can be shared by members and you can receive group participation and engagement on your own posts and ideas, in a safe and nurturing environment. Great market research!

  • Share ideas with like-minded people
  • Facilitate access to innovation tools and technique tips
  • Share stories, examples and expertise in a welcoming environment
  • Ask the group for advice on a particular challenge you are facing – we won’t bite!

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