Encourage open communications and feedback channels

Another important area is how to encourage ‘healthy conflict or debate’ within your organisation. Most of the best ideas come when positive views or opinions are expressed.

The challenge is creating and nurturing an environment where your people can express themselves and speak up without fear of recrimination in a safe and positive environment.

My tips on how to create a ‘healthy conflict and debate’ speaking up culture are:

  1. Be open and explain you don’t have all the answers! Eight brains working on a problem is normally better than one!
  2. Champion the individuals who are brave enough to share their learnings from tasks that didn’t work so well or as planned.
  3. Set the ground rules for meetings: How do you want the teams to work together? What are your expectations from them of their behaviours?

Remember to make sure your leadership team role model this behaviour at all times!

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Useful Resource – Come & Join Us

Speaking of feedback, we would like to invite you to join a (Private – invite only) Group.  You will get free access to the group with regular posts and content that can be shared by members and you can receive group participation and engagement on your own posts and ideas, in a safe and nurturing environment. Great market research!

  • Share ideas with like-minded people
  • Facilitate access to innovation tools and technique tips
  • Share stories, examples and expertise in a welcoming environment
  • Ask the group for advice on a particular challenge you are facing – we won’t bite!

Click this link to join Thames Valley Business Innovation Group on Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/groups/12465980/

We also have a Facebook Group as we found innovators were evenly split between LinkedIn and Facebook, partly driven by how they market to their client base. You would be very welcome to join that Group also: https://www.facebook.com/groups/322860915771948/