Business Navigation Services are delighted to announce that we have designed a new Business Growth Programme specifically created for business owners who want to continue to grow and adapt to the continuing changes in the business environment.

We work with our delegates, so they leave the programme with a clear business plan to enable them to build the business they desire.

We are running two online Discovery workshop sessions for interested candidates here at LAB14, Tuesday 2nd September 2:30-4PM and Thursday 16th September 2:30-4PM and we’d love to see you there.

The Business Growth Programme objectives

Paul Greenwood stated ‘’The Business Growth Programme is based on the teams 70 years combined experience of starting ,developing and growing businesses. We wanted to create a programme that could be used by business owners to create a clear roadmap for the future and be flexible enough to adapt to the continual change in the business environment.

Business owners  can apply all the learning directly to their business and this will maximise their chance of maintaining business growth and success year after year.’’ 

I have used the same approach to build award winning digital platforms such as PayPerKay as well as repositioning and leading Massar from a loss-making  business to generating a significant profit and becoming one of the leading transport and logistics solutions providers in the Middle East region.’’

Paul Greenwood, Managing Director – Business Navigation Services

The Business Growth Programme Content

At the core of the programme is our seven-step Business Navigator process which combines business strategy, innovation, refining your business model and value proposition, financial modelling and creating the right performance indicators that will ensure you track the key activities that will produce the results you desire.

We have also incorporated the best innovation techniques and tools that enable business owners and their teams to create a continual flow of new business by adapting existing products and services and creating new products and services people want to buy.

7 Step Business Navigator Process


The programme, The Business Navigator process is aimed at giving business owners the tools to adapt to the way Covid-19 has changed our lives, our economy, owners, and our environment. And when our environment changes we must adapt to survive.

We create space in the programme to make sure that the programme addresses:

  • Your issues by gaining a good understanding of your business
  • Your current business challenges and goals, and
  • All attendees benefit from 1:1 review prior to course starting to fine tune the plan at the end of the programme.
  • We will support clients if they wish during the implementation period post-course.

How Does It Work?

All the learning is applied directly to your business and will enable you to have a clear business plan and roadmap for the future. The programme has structured modules and content, and learning is via working with our experts, group sessions and peer-to peer mentoring in groups.

The programme runs over 3 months with a 2.5-hour session every Thursday between 14.30 to 16.30. Learning materials and templates are provided as well as access to a business planning tool for a year.


The programme has mainly been run with established businesses of a size of between 5 and 50 people and a turnover of between £.5 million to £25 million.

We are very focussed on ensuring our clients gain real benefits for their investment and all applicants will receive a call and a visit to their business to make sure that we can run through the business owners’ goals and challenges to make sure that the programme will deliver the results you wish to achieve.


These techniques have been tested and fine-tuned over the last 18 months and have achieving great results for our clients. 

Main Benefits

Typical benefits have included:

  • Better understanding of how to crate value for customers
  • Improved understanding of their key business drivers
  • Faster more controlled growth.
  • Improved profitability and margins
  • Personal skill set improvements
  • Enhanced or new products and services
  • More focus and motivation
  • Growth in business value
  • Developed a route to exit the business
  • More space and time for business owners

 How To Learn More

The Business Navigation Services team will be sharing key questions that we address during the Business Growth Programme with you on our social channels over the next month before the programme commences on the 30th September at our Innovation Hub LAB14 which is based at Reading University.

As mentioned at the top, we are running two online Discovery workshop sessions for interested candidates, and we’d love to see you there – click the button to book as spaces are limited!