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    Pre -course commencement      
    Review delegate goals and objectives and visit business    

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1 1 Innovation

1.Identify Your Desired State

Group Review post module  
     Where is your business now?      
     What is innovation?      
     How to use innovation to transform your business.      
     Barriers to success      
     Define Your Business Goals      
2 2 Business Models part 1

2.Where are you now?

Group Review post module  
    Review your own business model and performance      
    Understand Business Modelling tools      
    Four Forces Model      
  3 Business Models part 2   Group Review post module  
    Build your own business model      
  4 Creating Your Value Proposition   Group Review post module

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    Creating value for clients      
    Develop your value proposition      
    Formulate your audience journey & messaging      
3 5 Build your financial model

3.Build Your Roadmap

Group Review post module  
    Build a three year business forecast      
    Risk Management      
  6 Build your financial model   Group Review post module  
    Build a three year business forecast      
    Risk Management      
4 7 Leadership.Creating an Innovation Culture


Group Review post module

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    Developing a Growth Mindset      
    Increasing team engagement and productivity      
    Practical exercises and group review      
  8 Learn and apply Business Innovation tools   Group Review post module  
    Techniques to develop creativity      
     Design thinking      
     Market disruption      
  9 Build and create new ideas   Group Review post module  
    Ideation techniques      
    Building prototypes      
    Create a new product or service      
  10 How to test & evaluate ideas   Group Review post module

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     Why do innovations fail?      
     Learn how to test and validate your  ideas       
     Innovation accounting and measurement      
  11 Go to market strategies   Group Review post module  
     Innovation process and sprints      
     Pitching to your audience      
5 12 Continuous business innovation & improvement

5.Build Your Dashboard

Group Review post module  
     How to build innovation into your business practices      
     Build your Balanced Scorecard      
    Create KPI Reporting      
  13 Pitch new products and services   Group Review post module  
     Pitch your new business model/idea/service to your peers      



1:1 programme review with the Programme Director

6. Monthly Review


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7 Plan Review Putting the plan into action

7. Annual Review


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