Strategy & Innovation Services

Your competition is so much greater than it was even five years ago and demands on your business are also greater from clients, suppliers, online, industry press and more. So sticking with what worked in the past is not an option, with true innovation your way to step ahead of the competition and meet problems before competitors may have even thought about them.

Our services range from helping directors to communicate better with all levels of the business to the creation of bespoke software to fill holes that have been created as the business has grown. Some of the most common things that we have worked on in helping companies that knew that they needed to be more innovative are:

• Improve communication quality across hierarchy of the business
• Simplifying proposal documentation
• Helping with pitch processes
• Creating end-to-end processes for new business enquiries
• Sales staff coaching and training
• Identifying new markets for existing products and services
• Marketing innovation
• Improving relationships with existing customers

What we do a lot of

  • Building teams
  • Help directors to work on, not in the business
  • Listening
  • Observing
  • Getting our hands dirty
  • Writing reports
  • Adding value


  • Problem Solving
  • Sales and marketing strategies
  • Operational fixes
  • Technology
  • Online marketing
  • Creating new software platforms to suit your business

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