About Us

Paul Greenwood and Ian Squires are the company founders. Together they have over 60 years of leadership, business development, sales and marketing experience across the logistics, brewing, retail, facilities and creative industries. Through their successes and the challenges, they believe high quality planning is the key to achieving great results. They have a shared passion for working with ambitious business owners to achieve their personal and business goals throughbusiness planning.

Paul Greenwood –  Managing Director


Paul has followed his passion for logistics and planning from South Africa to Dubai and back to England working for Mobil, Imperial Holding, Budget Rent-A-Car and for 9 years as CEO for Massar Solutions PJSC in Abu Dubai United Arab Emirates. In this business Paul built the business from 3 to 450 clients, grew the company’s fleet from 2400 to 10000 units, and from being loss making to generating in excess of £30 million profit per year.

After raising $160 million for the business to continue investing for future growth Paul was ready for a change and a new challenge.

Ian Squires – Co-Founder


Ian has worked in the Thames Valley for more than two decades, in roles such as Training and Development Manager, Sales Director and Managing Director and adviser for national and local businesses in the brewing, facilities services and craft industries.

He has always enjoyed building teams and creating new services and bringing ideas to fruition. He has built and led training and development teams as well as developed a number of business transformation programmes to improve customer service, team alignment and employee engagement.

Lydia Butler – Pitch Deck Design Specialist


As a result of of much of the business planning and strategy work we do with clients, they often go on to need support creating slide decks such as investment pitch decks, sales pitch decks, seminar and webinar decks. That’s where Lydia comes in, her background in graphic design, marketing and specialism in presentation design means that we have the ability to help clients create all the marketing collateral they need and ensure that it is positioned towards achievement of the goals of the business.

We work with our clients to improve their current business model. We focus on the products and services they sell and how that impacts on their profitability, equity growth and cash. Once we have created a solid base and clear goals we then create an enhanced business model and build a high performance business.

We act in a business advisory role offering business improvement services. We work with business owners, CEO’s, department managers and general managers. We can work one to one or with teams to improve their business through strategic planning, profit improvement and cash flow improvement. We also work on improving business value for businesses as well as shaping up businesses for sale.

At the heart of what we do is creating a high quality business plan to build business confidence, provide clarity for the business future and identify areas for business improvement to grow the business.

We use proven systems, strategies and processes to support our clients.

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Why work with us

We become part of your team and give you a sounding board and advisor who has experience of overcoming the challenges growing businesses face.

Achieve results faster

Understand what can get in the way and slow your progress. By working together you achieve your goals faster.

Keep you on track

We work together on your business and implement your plan and track your progress.

Shared success

We work with a number of successful businesses and we can introduce you to potential partners or suppliers or share other ways of doing business.

Business resources

We have access to thousands of business strategies, great business modelling and pricing tools and team building expertise.
We can select the right tools for your business to create results.


We know how to grow revenue, improve profits, build cash flow and increase the value of your business.

Guaranteed results

We are determined to provide our clients with a great service and we guarantee that with our long term clients that we will provide more value than our services cost or we will work for free.